Complete list of employees in Ontario who made the 2016 Sunshine List

Total result: 115,532

paid in 2015
William Strange Professor Of Business Economics
University of Toronto
paid in 2015
Peter Pauly Professor Of Business Economics
University of Toronto
paid in 2015
Gino Somers Division Head Pathology
The Hospital for Sick Children
paid in 2015
Richard Kim Professor / Medical Doctor
University of Western Ontario
paid in 2015
Malcolm Maxwell President and Chief Executive Officer
Grand River Hospital Corporation
paid in 2015
Julia Hanigsberg President and Chief Executive Officer / Présidente-directrice générale
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
paid in 2015
Richard McLean Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Executive
Hamilton Health Sciences
paid in 2015
Varouj Aivazian Professor Of Economics
University of Toronto
paid in 2015
Janet Carding Director and Chief Executive Officer / Directrice et chef de la direction
Royal Ontario Museum
paid in 2015
Charles Chan Executive Vice President
University Health Network
paid in 2015
Anne-Marie Malek President and Chief Executive Officer
West Park Healthcare Centre
paid in 2015
Robert O'Doherty Senior Vice President, Sport / Vice-président principal, Sports
Toronto Organizing Committee for the 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games
paid in 2015
John Tibbits President
Conestoga College
paid in 2015
Tanya Lai Managing Director, Public Markets / Directrice générale, Marchés publics
Ontario Pension Board
paid in 2015
Brian McGee Senior Vice President, Pickering
Ontario Power Generation
paid in 2015
Kumar Gupta Coroner / Coroner
Community Safety and Correctional Services
paid in 2015
Susan Richardson Division Head Microbiology
The Hospital for Sick Children
paid in 2015
Stanley Zlotkin Chief, Global Child Health
The Hospital for Sick Children
paid in 2015
Ralph Meyer Vice President, Oncology and Palliative Care and Regional Vice President, Cancer Care Ontario
Hamilton Health Sciences
paid in 2015
Philip Plotnick Vice President, Business Development
Sinai Health System
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2016 Sunshine List: top earners

Every year Ontario government publishes its annual Sunshine List of public sector servants, which includes nurses, teachers, police officers, and firefighters, with six-figure salaries. In Ontario, 115,533 staffers made the list this year, earning a total salary of $14,683,750,054.34 in 2015.

At the top of the Sunshine List

Topping the list for Ontario was Chief Executive Officer Designate Thomas Mitchell who brought home $1,528,933.36 in 2015.

Following Thomas Mitchell was President And Chief Executive Officer, University Of Toronto Asset Management Corporation William Moriarty, who had annual earnings of $1,473,445.98. Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer / Vice-présidente principale et directrice des finances Barbara Gail Anderson made $844,745.92, Executive Vice President Operations, Sport and Venue Management / Vice-président directeur, Opérations, sports et gestion des sites Allen K. Vansen made $802,079.83 and Nuclear President and Chief Nuclear Officer Glenn Jager round out the top-five highest-paid employees with $793,359.07 for the Ontario 2016 Sunshine List.

Breaking down the numbers

Among the 115,533 Ontario's employees, who received more than six-figure salaries 43,863 received earnings between $100,000 and $110,000 followed by 53,992 who received between $110,001 and $150,000 , 12,594 received between $150,001 and $200,000 , 3,107 received between $200,001 and $250,000 , 1,068 received between $250,001 and $300,000 , 890 received over $300,000 at Ontario.

For a complete list of public sector employees who made the 2016 Sunshine List, go to Sunshine List 2016 Employees List. If you wish to analyse the list by employer go to Sunshine List 2016 Employers List.

The Sunshine List

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, makes Ontario's public sector more open and accountable to taxpayers. The act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to make public, by March 31 each year, the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in the previous calendar year.

In Ontario the Sunshine List was first published in 1996, by the Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris. Just 4,576 names appeared on the first list.


All information presented in this website is based exclusively off the publicly released sunshine lsit available for download by the Government of each province: Ontario | British Columbia | Alberta