Andrew Reed

Andrew Reed held the position of Physician at the Ontario Provincial Police in 2022 and received an annual salary of $386,441.79 as per the records provided by the Government of Ontario.

Year: 2022

Salary: $386,441.79

Position: Physician

Employer: Ontario Provincial Police

Category of Employment: Government of Ontario - Ministries

Source: Ontario's Sunshine List

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Salary History

The historical salary and taxable benefits of Andrew Reed from 2019 to 2022 at Ontario Provincial Police

Year Salary Benefits Raise Position Employer
2022 $386,441.79 $791.16 1.2% Physician Ontario Provincial Police
2021 $381,932.84 $644.63 -3.5% Physician Ontario Provincial Police
2020 $395,951.49 $349.44 38.3% Physician Ontario Provincial Police
2019 $286,332.44 $0.00 N/A Physician Ontario Provincial Police
Andrew Reed experienced an average yearly salary raise of approximately 11.97% from 2019 to 2022. The salary in 2022 reflects a raise of 34.96% compared to the salary in 2019.

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