Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen held the position of Finance Manager at the City Of Peterborough in 2022 and received an annual salary of $137,417.98 as per the records provided by the Government of Ontario.

Year: 2022

Salary: $137,417.98

Position: Finance Manager

Employer: City Of Peterborough

Category of Employment: Municipalities & Services

Source: Ontario's Sunshine List

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Salary History

The historical salary and taxable benefits of Trang Nguyen from 2019 to 2022 at City Of Peterborough

Year Salary Benefits Raise Position Employer
2022 $137,417.98 $781.56 -2.2% Finance Manager City Of Peterborough
2021 $140,489.16 $731.30 33.7% Finance Manager City Of Peterborough
2020 $105,069.97 $615.78 5.0% Finance Manager City Of Peterborough
2019 $100,054.82 $567.20 N/A Finance Manager City Of Peterborough
Trang Nguyen experienced an average yearly salary raise of approximately 12.18% from 2019 to 2022. The salary in 2022 reflects a raise of 37.34% compared to the salary in 2019.

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Greg Fiorido $130,329.47 Finance Manager Toronto Metropolitan University 2022
Bimal Naik $129,116.55 Finance Manager Health 2022
Joseph Mahoney $128,680.77 Finance Manager Kawartha-Haliburton Children’s Aid Society 2022
Polly Ann Couture $125,890.41 Finance Manager Health 2022
Natalie Pearson $124,795.52 Finance Manager Keewatin-Patricia District School Board 2022
Angela Davey $121,984.47 Finance Manager Sault Ste Marie Police Services 2022
Tammy Hoffman $121,416.88 Finance Manager Renfrew County District School Board 2022
Stephanie Evenden $121,202.22 Finance Manager Sunset Country Family Health Team 2022