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Alberta Public Sector Salary Disclosure - Sunshine List 2022

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Gary Sandberg ADM-MSL
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Published March 2022

Alberta Public Sector Salary Disclosure - Sunshine List 2022

Alberta first started publishing the Sunshine List in 2014 following the 2012 election of Alison Redford.

The salary and severance disclosure, makes Alberta's public sector more open and accountable to taxpayers. The act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Alberta to make public the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid 136,805 or more in the previous calendar year.

At, we rank employees from organizations that received public funding from the Province of Alberta and earn over $136,805 per year, including total taxable benefits.

This year's sunshine list includes the top earners in Municipal Affairs, including:

2022 Alberta Sunshine List: Municipal Affairs Top Earners

Every year, the Alberta government publishes its annual Sunshine List of public sector servants with six-figure salaries. According to the document, Municipal Affairs's 44 staffers made the Sunshine List, earning total compensation of $5,600,000.88 in 2021.

At the top of the Municipal Affairs Sunshine List

Topping the list for the Municipal Affairs was Deputy Minister Brandy Cox, who brought home $242,313.77 in 2021.

Following Brandy Cox was Managing Director Stephen Lacroix, with annual earnings of $200,404.90. ADM-MSL Gary Sandberg made $186,266.46, Dir-Legal Services Michael d'Alquen made $181,228.04, and Solicitor Karen Sinclair-Santos round out the top-five highest-paid employees with $180,147.60 for the Municipal Affairs 2022 Sunshine List.

Breaking down the numbers

Among employees who received more than six-figure salaries in 2021, 30 received earnings between $100,000 and $110,000 followed by 8 who received between $110,001 and $150,000 , 2 received between $150,001 and $200,000 , 4 received between $200,001 and $250,000 at the Municipal Affairs.

  • Salary breakdown
  • 30 employees made between $110,000 to $150,000
  • 8 employees made between $150,000 to $200,000
  • 2 employees made between $200,000 to $250,000
  • 4 employees made more than $300,000

For a complete list of public sector employees who made the 2022 Sunshine List, go to Sunshine List 2022 Employees List. If you wish to analyze the list by the employer, go to Sunshine List 2022 Employers List.

What is disclosed and thresholds

  • Compensation includes base salary, overtime, bonuses, honoraria paid to board members and taxable benefits. This category essentially reflects the income amount on the person’s T4.
  • Severance reflects amounts paid or payable related to termination of employment, including retiring allowance.
  • Non-monetary (other) benefits are generally non-taxable benefits including the employer’s portion of pension contributions, employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan and Workers' Compensation Board premiums.
  • Employment and/or severance contracts for:
    • Designated executives under the Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions Compensation Regulation
    • Designated executives under the Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions (Post-Secondary Institutions) Compensation Regulation
    • The Chief Executive Officer of Alberta Health Services
    • The Chief Executive Officer of the Alberta Electric System Operator

Employee thresholds

Public sector bodies are required to post online the names and amount of compensation and severance paid to employees who earn more than the threshold amount for that disclosure period.

For December disclosures, if no severance was paid, disclosure is not required.

1 The annual threshold is applied to severance disclosures in December of the current year and to compensation disclosed in June of the following year. For example, the threshold for severances disclosed by December 31, 2021 is $136,805. This is also the threshold for compensation disclosed by June 30, 2022.
Calendar year 1 Annual threshold
2021 $136,805
2020 $135,317
2019 $132,924
2018 $129,809
2017 $127,765
2016 $126,375
2015 $125,000